my hospital/clinic/lab could do with coffee about now

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Sold out! Sorry, that didn't take long for this round of Medical Aid to be fully subscribed. These orders will be roasted and despatched during the coming week to hospitals and clinics around SA.

Add 1 of these to a cart, checkout, and we'll be in touch!


Good coffee can't help save lives, but it can help make the lives of those doing the saving a little easier.

Level 1 lockdown may be around the corner, but let's be real, hospitals have never had it easy. So, to help the moments in between a little sweeter we're roasting up and donating all of the green coffee we received as a prize for winning The Coffee Magazine's A Shot in the Dark roasting competition. We really hope you all enjoy this chocolate-sweet little number from Guatemala, generously sponsored by Sevenoaks Trading. May the spirits stay high and the admission numbers low!

If you're a hospital administrator, doctor, or nurse and reckon some good coffee in the break room might go a long way, just add the below item to your Cart, continue to Checkout, enter your contact details and the address of the hospital or clinic you work at, and we'll get in touch to discuss how we can help. To help make it easier for us to take as little of your time, let us know which ward or department you're ordering from too.

A few notes: in Round One of Medical Aid we had no time at all to get this sent out and had to focus on Jhb to be most effective, BUT, now we'll be extending this offer a little further afield with a limited qty available to hospitals elsewhere in South Africa – so go ahead and order wherever you are and if we've got enough to go around we'll do our best to get it to you. Under the option drop-down try select the style of coffee that would be most useful: beans, plunger ground, filter ground, or espresso. There's also a dialogue for notes at Checkout where you can leave us any hints that might be useful :)

If we've already got been contacted by someone from your hospital we may take a little while to respond to you, but we are on it!