Barista Skills Intermediate SCA Certified – 14 & 15 Feb 2023

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Intermediate is the second level in the Barista Skills curriculum and builds on the concepts and skills introduced in the Foundation course. It is ideal for someone who has barista skills experience and wants to explore how to improve coffee quality and prepare for more complex job functions found in the barista profession. Through this interactive course, learners will gain a deeper understanding of the coffee itself, specifically the impact of a coffee’s variety, origins and processing methods on flavor; the parameters of coffee quantity, grind texture, water quality, and shot time and their interaction when dialing in a brew recipe; drink construction and taste differences; workflow management and efficiency, sensory aspects of the espresso extraction; milk handling and techniques as well as latte art.

In addition to coffee preparation, this course also covers key concepts regarding health and safety, customer service, and basic business practices. A written exam tests Intermediate course knowledge while a practical exam assesses the learner’s ability in terms of grinder calibration, espresso extraction analysis, latte art skills and drinks construction..

This is a 2-day course hosted by AST, Stevo Kuhn, a good friend and long-time partner of Father Coffee, as well as the current SA barista champ runner-up.

Upon successful completion of both practical and theory assessments you'll receive an SCA certificate of completion that affords 10 points towards a Coffee Skills Diploma. 

The completion of Barista Skills Foundation (or in some cases significant industry experience) is a pre-requisite for taking this course.


Date: 14-15 Feb 2023
Time: 08h30 for 09h00
Host: Stevo Kuhn (AST)
Address: Father Coffee, 19 Dartfield Rd, Kramerville, Jhb

Duration: approx. 2 days, approx 6hrs each day 
Max attendance: 6 students
Certification: SCA Intermediate Barista Skills (upon successful completion of assessments) 

Parking is available on site.

Small print: In extreme circumstances we reserve the right to postpone or refund this course should course minimum attendance not be met. If this is likely to occur we will notify all students in advance with an option to postpone or take a full refund